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- A Little bit about Celestial Scents Candles-

Over 25 years ago, Celestial Scents Candles was born out of a hobby driven by a deep love and passion for candlelight. It all began with a desire to warmly welcome family and friends into my home with the flickering glow of candles.

In the early days, I embarked on this journey with little knowledge of candle making or where to even find the necessary supplies. Through self-learning, countless experiments, and the invaluable support of my family, Celestial Scents Candles evolved and improved over time.

Today, our candles boast all-natural soy wax and feature three cotton core wicks, ensuring a rich fragrance experience recommended by experts. Each candle is meticulously hand-poured into heat-resistant jars, adorned with both a bottom "warning label" and a professionally designed front label to complement any home decor.

With a selection of over 150 captivating fragrances meticulously blended into our premium soy wax, Celestial Scents Candles are crafted in small batches with no added colors, imbued with boundless love and passion. Upholding the highest standards in both product quality and customer service is central to our mission at Celestial Scents Candles.

In 2019, we expanded our offerings with a new line of handmade soaps and skincare products. While we continue to grow and refine this product line, our commitment remains unwavering. We aspire to handcraft small batches of all-natural soaps and personal care items that address various skin conditions, sharing our knowledge to enhance the quality of life for our customers.


Thank you!


Denise DeMoss

Celestial Scents Candles


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